About Us

Pet Insurance Gurus was born out of insurance industry veterans looking to create a better way to compare and purchase pet insurance. We firmly believe every pet deserves the care it needs. All pet lives matter and it breaks our heart when we hear of a pet being euthanized prematurely because the pet parent couldn’t afford the treatment necessary to extend their life. After spending way too many hours shopping on a multitude of websites, in a variety of niches, the founders realized there had to be a better way to find the right pet insurance quickly in one place. Our unbiased and proprietary GuruMeter, provides all the information a consumer of insurance needs in a one-stop-shop. Having been plagued by calls and emails from previous insurance searches, the founders built Pet Insurance Gurus with privacy being paramount to our customers. We will never sell your information to anyone, period. We look forward to providing our users with the fastest way to find the best pet insurance policies at the most affordable rates.

One of the founders Scottish Folds enjoying holiday spirit with his family.